NEET UG 2024 Controversy: Allegations, Reactions, and Official Responses

9 June 2024 by
Skyline News Media, Detrobir

NEET UG 2024 Controversy: Allegations, Reactions, and Official Responses

The NEET UG 2024 examination has become a focal point of controversy due to multiple allegations and irregularities that have surfaced. Below is a detailed summary of the key issues and responses surrounding the controversy.

Key Controversies:

  1. Question Paper Leak Allegations:
    • There have been widespread allegations of the NEET 2024 exam paper being leaked, which sparked significant concern among students and parents. Despite denials from the National Testing Agency (NTA), the rumors persist, with calls for a re-examination gaining momentum​ (Careers360)​​ (Free Press Journal)​.
  2. Grace Marks and Mark Inflation:
    • The NTA's decision to award grace marks to candidates due to various exam discrepancies has led to accusations of mark inflation. Notably, 67 candidates scored a perfect 720 out of 720, an unprecedented number that has raised suspicions about the fairness and transparency of the results​ (EdexLive)​​ (Devdiscourse)​.
  3. Exam Center Irregularities:
    • Anomalies were reported from specific exam centers, including one in Haryana where eight students scored perfect marks. Such irregularities have intensified doubts about the integrity of the examination process​ (Careers360)​​ (Free Press Journal)​.
  4. Judicial and Public Reactions:
    • The Supreme Court of India is reviewing petitions requesting a re-examination due to the alleged irregularities. Prominent public figures and political leaders have also demanded a thorough investigation into the matter​ (Careers360)​​ (EdexLive)​.

Official Responses:

  • NTA's Clarifications:
    • The NTA has set up a four-member committee to review the results and address concerns regarding grace marks. They have attributed the high scores to updated NCERT textbooks and adjustments for lost examination time, and maintain that the integrity of the exam was not compromised​ (EdexLive)​​ (Devdiscourse)​​ (Free Press Journal)​.
  • Grace Marks Issue:
    • According to the NTA, the grace marks were awarded based on a Supreme Court-approved normalization formula. This decision has been a significant point of contention among students and educational experts​ (EdexLive)​​ (Devdiscourse)​.


The information presented here is based on available sources and ongoing reports. The situation may evolve as new details emerge from official investigations and judicial reviews. It is advisable to refer to authoritative sources and official announcements for the most accurate and updated information.

For more detailed information, you can visit the sources directly: Careers360, EdexLive, Devdiscourse, and Free Press Journal.